About Me

PaulHello, my name is Paul. I created this website to share my learnings and insights on growing food sustainably on a personal scale, without machinery.

I grow food, especially vegetables and grains, on about 400 square feet in San Mateo, California. If I had more space to use, I would!

Although where I live most of our food comes from factory-scale farm land, I think it is super fun and worthwhile to know how to grow food on a backyard and community garden scale.

I am committed to teaching people to sustainably grow their food and improve their health along the way. I’d like to see more people get started and have a great experience doing so. We need more hobbyist backyard food gardeners, with all the work and joy that that entails, and I’d like to be a part of making that happen.

I am a certified Master Gardener and I speak on a variety of garden and soil related topics throughout the year. I am also working towards certification as a Grow Biointensive teacher.

If you want to chat, I’m happy to hear from you. Contact me.


PS: If you’re reading this website in a language other than English, then it’s being translated automatically by Google. I know that the translations are sometimes strange. Nonetheless I hope that these machine translations can help to spread the message of growing food sustainably.